A deeply nourishing body massage designed to target areas prone to stress and tension during or after pregnancy.
A soothing body massage specifically designed to suit your individual concerns, focusing on the areas in need to alleviate muscular aches, whilst helping to relax, restore and revitalise.

Massage during pregnancy is a safe, effective way to:

• Induce relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety

• Relieve muscle aches, in particular in the lower back, neck, hips, & legs

• Increase local blood flow and lymph circulation, reduce swelling

• Reduce stress on weight-bearing joints

• Enhance the pliability of skin and underlying tissues

• Receive emotional & physical support

Post-partum massage is tailored to help restore your body to its pre-partum condition. It addresses the stress of carrying and caring for a newborn. It can help speed recovery by bringing relief of sore muscles and help you to relax more easily.

60min Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

  • Please be aware that we only accept clients over 12 weeks pregnant.
    In case of High Risk Pregnancy we ask also for a note from the Doctor.