Designed for office workers, mums, artists, animators, programmers, musicians and everybody feeling some tension in their shoulders or lack of mobility of arms and neck. 
Your Back, Shoulders, Neck and Arms will be massaged with a mix of relaxing, deep tissue and stretching techniques tailored to relieve the tension in the upper body and encourage good posture.

60min Upper Body Sport Massage

  • Please get in contact with us to book an appointment.
    You can use the contact form on the contact page of this website, write and email to or call us at the following number 07474882351.

    This is a 60 min appointment, please be aware that the time you book is always inclusive of consultation and changing time.

    We apply a 24 hrs cancellation policy: appointments rescheduled, cancelled or not attended are charged at the full amount unless 24 hours notice is given.